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Work Solutions Spółka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnością, entered in the register fo businesses conducted by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, as the National Court Register Number (KRS) 00000263750
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IT services means delegating our IT specialists to carry out a defined IT projects. They enrich your IT team by adding unique knowledge and skills.


Do you need to reinforce the competences of your project team?

You do not have time for building an implementation team?

You do not want to hire full-time workers but pay only for their service?

You need specialists combining technology and industrial knowledge together with practical experience in the field of IT projects for your sector?

You are interested in having access to competences rather than costly maintainence and development of specialists?

You want to reinforce your team by adding unique knowledge and skills?


Currently the access to competences plays a more important role than keeping specialists on a permanent basis. If you need IT specialists possessing technical, analytical, designing or managerial skills for the time of the project, we can offer a cutting-edge business tool – IT staff outsourcing.

The service provides IT specialists needed for conducting IT projects. IT competences in the field of software development or testing provided within the IT Body leasing and IT Team leasing. We provide specialists for application development, system designing, business analysis, testing and project management.

We identify our customers’ business targets and needs
The first and key stage of collaboration with every customer is to define their needs and business expectations. Together with the customer we build competence profiles and measure the demand for IT competences. All our activities are focused on the efficient fulfillment of the defined aims.
We determine our collaboration model with our customer
Our specialists are assigned to projects in Poland or abroad for a defined period of time and they can work in every model:
  • on-site – at the customer’s premises under their direct management and supervision,
  • Off-site – remote work, using their own infrastructure,
  • mixed model – any combination of the two that works for the customer’s needs.
We offer a comfortable form of settlement
Settlements are done within Times & Material model, based on a monthly report covering the services provided.
We rent project teams
In order to ensure the high technical and organizational efficiency of resources we also provide complete project teams within the Team Leasing model including Team Leaders or Project Managers.
We guarantee high quality and security standards
We ensure maintaining the set quality level of the provided services. Our specialists are subject to confidentiality clauses as well as strict security procedures.
We monitor and report
Constant monitoring of infrastructure and reporting on individual stages, deadlines and work outcomes provides the customer with full operational control over services provided by our company.



We offer IT specialists with technical skills but also analytical and designing and manag.

We offer IT competences in the following fields:

Programmer/IT Developer

Programming in different languages: C++, Java, .NET, Delphi, C#, JavaScript, Python; Software development, expansion and improvement of IT systems


Supervising functionality of IT
systems and administration
of network devices


Business process analysis,
Preparing requirement specification
and deployment plan


Designing and testing
of applications, creating
test scenariosh


SAP ABAP Programmer, SAP BASIS  Consultant, SAP Module Consultant (FI, CO, HR, SD, MM, PP QM)
Maintenance, expansion and improvement of SAP systems


Managing projects within
the scope of the organizational structure
and establishing project management office

IT Architect

Design IT solutions, defining an application framework for the application

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You have access to high IT competences

The access to competences plays a much more significant role than keeping specialists on a permanent basis. We give you the chance to expand your IT team temporarily without the need for creating new job vacancies. We provide experts for special tasks – experienced, tested and ready to take up project work right away.

You can significantly reduce your costs

You can temporarily improve the competences of your IT team by hiring additional specialists but not employing them full time. You pay only for their service. After you finish a project you do not have to provide them with further tasks and bear additional costs for keeping and developing workers. You do not have to worry about costly HR and payroll services. You can eliminate the costly process of searching for and the recruitment of appropriate workers. You reduce expenditures on software and hardware as well as capital expenditure on maintaining technical and organizational base of the business activity

You increase the pace of task accomplishment

IT Body leasing gives you the possibility of much faster project accomplishment and saving time with regard to obtaining specialist competences. You can eliminate the time-consuming process of searching for, recruiting and selecting workers. You do not waste time on HR formalities. You can replace the time-consuming and complicated process of payroll – especially with regard to assigned workers – by a monthly invoice settled in the Time & Material model.

You are provided with complete project teams.

In order to ensure the high technical and organizational efficiency of resources, we provide complete project teams within the Team Leasing model with a dedicated Team Leader.

You build your competitive advantage

Body-Leasing enables flexible management of IT resources. Using this tool streamlines yours business operations while reducing costs. It is a strategic instrument that builds your competitive advantage.