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ul. Kochanowskiego 55,
Tel.: +48 71 337 27 97
Fax: + 48 71 721 59 90
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Work Solutions Spółka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnością, entered in the register fo businesses conducted by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, as the National Court Register Number (KRS) 00000263750
Share capital 71 000 PLN,
Tax Identification Number
(NIP) 525-23-77-149

We are a provider of specialist and highly qualified staff for the construction, production and IT industries on the European market.



"We are a flexible and dynamic company operating in an international environment. We are constantly looking for new solutions and we are able to “think outside the box.”"

"We manage large investments, providing teams consisting of a few dozen workers for the length of the project but also small orders – teams of a few people"

"The resources are provided in various legal and organizational forms: temporary personnel, B2B Match-Making, team hire, specialists outsourcing, cross-border posting, work agency in subscription."

"Our focus is on specialist niches and their demand for high specialist competences. We are an absolute and unrivaled leader in reinforced concrete prefabrication industry in Poland."

"Our customers include global corporations as well as dynamically developing medium-sized Polish and European businesses"

"We have an Erlaubnis Certificate issued by the German Federal Employment Agency - Budesagentur für Arbeit"

"We are a certified Temporary Employment Agency entered in the National Register of Employment Agencies, number 3174"

"Our expertise is based on a lengthy, deep and technical knowledge of industries"

"We focus on creating tailored and integrated HR and business solutions for our customers, which provides them with notable added value"

"Since 2006 we have been specializing in innovative ways of providing resources for conducting projects in Poland, Germany, France and the Netherlands"

The mission of WORKSOLUTIONS is accomplished by carrying out our target aims:

  • Providing our customers with ready resources through quick, easy and reliable access to specialist workforce, supervising staff and the specialists of WORKSOLUTIONS

  • Creating tailored solutions for providing competences adjusted to project requirements and the customer’s expectations

  • Effectiveness and accuracy in the process of staff recruitment based on close dialogue with the customer, the specialist expertise of our team and a wide network of international relations and collaboration with specialist companies

  • Provision of services in accordance with the requirements of the Polish and  European Union Regulations


WORKSOLUTIONS industry expertise
This expertise allows us to talk to our customers using their language, to better understand their needs and easier meet their expectations. We are quicker and more accurate at reacting to our customers’ problems. Knowing the specific requirements and priorities of the industry, understanding the culture and dynamics of this environment we are a valuable and indispensable partner in carrying out investments or production plans. WORKSOLUTIONS team’s industry expertise and engineering background allows to operate in specialist niches e.g. reinforced concrete prefabrication – we are an absolute and unrivaled leader in Poland  providing resources for this industry.
Innovation and creativity
Our strategy is focused on creating tailored and integrated HR and business solutions for our customers, which provides them with notable added value. An innovative approach to the legal and organizational form of the provided resources supports our customers in establishing a competitive advantage.
When creating effective solutions we make use of the unique competences of our team regarding innovation management and project management skills acquired in  North America and Europe proved by many years of international consulting experience. Thanks to that we are able to adapt to specific and difficult requirements of our customers operating in project system.
Guarantee of high quality resources
For the construction and prefabrication industries we have  select and reliable personnel with skills proven in numerous projects. Our experience gained from long-lasting collaboration allows for practical recognition of workers’ qualification and their personality predisposition. This is an indispensable value for our customers, who obtain fully assembled, organizationally and technically efficient teams.
A reliable verification process of newly acquired competences is ensured by a unique and thorough reference monitoring of the labor market as well as a competence audit carried out by industry experts.
Focus on success keeping high ethical standards
We are certain that in order to achieve the intended, joined success the long-term and high quality relations with customers, workers and partners are indispensable. We  care about building solid foundations of such relations based on our main values:
  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Solidarity
  • Motivation
In our collaboration with customers we pay special attention to common trust and partnership. We act in accordance with our philosophy that only our customer’s final success is our success.
International character
We operate in an international environment, without language barriers and with high sensitivity to cultural differences shaping the relationships with our foreign customers.
We take up projects for foreign contractors and producers, Polish companies posting workers abroad and foreign Employment Agencies. Providing cross-border services requires advanced competences with regard to posting supported by long-term experience, constant and thorough analysis of changing and complex European regulations in terms of labor law and national insurance.
We have partners in France and in Germany, as well as our own designed and proven business and employee models for providing cross-border services in accordance with Polish, local and European requirements.