Adres: 51-602 Wrocław
ul. Kochanowskiego 55,
Tel.: +48 71 337 27 97
Fax: + 48 71 721 59 90
pn-pt godz. 8.00 - 16.00

Work Solutions Spółka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnością, entered in the register fo businesses conducted by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, as the National Court Register Number (KRS) 00000263750
Share capital 71 000 PLN,
Tax Identification Number
(NIP) 525-23-77-149

This service was established in response to a growing need in companies posting workers as specialized supervising staff.

We recruit candidates from Poland for our partners – foreign employment agencies from Belgium, France and Germany, to work as specialists in a production industry.


This service was developed as a way of finding specialists with unique qualifications including project managers with double competences – managerial and technical as well as an excellent command of a foreign language.


We find people who are able to make use of their extensive knowledge and unique skills in order to influence the development of the customer’s key competences.
We have  specialist tools for mass recruitment i.e. finding a large number of workers sharing similar qualifications.